About Us

Do you love fashion, but want something easy to put together? Are you struggling to celebrate the body you have today? Are you discouraged by the lack of items over size large? Do you feel more confident in a cute outfit? 

If you said yes to any of those, let’s be friends! If you didn’t, and you’re still reading, let’s be friends! If you just jumped ahead to this very line and don’t want to go back to see where you fit, let’s be friends!

Hi, I’m Jacey! 

I started Blessed Mess Boutique back in 2020, but my love of fashion and boutique shopping started a decade earlier.

I walked into my first boutique at 20 years old struggling with the same issue many women struggle with: nothing ever seemed to fit me the way it was supposed to. I was too short, my shoulders were too narrow, my hips too wide, my torso too boxy, and my legs and arms were disproportionately long. I would buy things I liked or that were on trend from big retailers, but I never felt confident in them. My first experience in a boutique changed all that. The owner was so helpful and made suggestions that addressed those concerns directly. Too short for a maxi? Tie the bottom like this. Shirt too long for your torso? How about a front tuck?  She worked with me to find styles that fit my body type, steered me away from items that wouldn’t meet those needs, and helped me style some items I would have otherwise put back. 
She was never pushy, but genuinely seemed to love what she was doing and wanted to help me love it too. 
From that moment on I shopped primarily in boutiques, worked for a few boutiques, ventured into the online boutique shopping world and never went back. 

Now my dream is to bring that same experience to other women out there. To help you feel confident and beautiful in the body you have now.