About Us

Blessed Mess Boutique was started with the modern gal in mind.

We aim to provide easily styled fashion, at prices that won't break the bank. Not only do we provide a wide selection of trendy women's clothing, we have an entire line devoted to your fashionable tots too! We search high and low to bring you the hottest trends. 

As a busy mama, most days my only accessories are the bags under my eyes and the hair tie on my wrist. I am forever looking for styles that fit three main components:

1) Is it an easily finished look? I don't have the same time I once had to spend carefully piecing together a completed look. I am forever drawn to easily paired looks. (Bonus points if it's multi-functional!)

2) Is it comfy? I firmly believe that it is possible to be both fashionable and comfortable. 

3) Is it worth it? I do love  designer fashion, but I cannot justify paying those prices. 

With the need for easy, trendy, and affordable fashion in mind, Blessed Mess Boutique was born. 

We offer a full range of clothes for both ladies and their little's, from hoodies to dresses there is something here for every occasion! Check out our Coordinating Collections for a one-stop shop for matching and coordinating styles for you and your children!